Flexibility in DESIGN

ARBT has its own design team to address the specific needs of each project. Our team has an extensive knowledge in Modular technology and have been instrumental in delivering over 80 residential units in Brisbane.

"ARBT's Steel Structural system allows for increased spacing between structural members providing a high degree of design flexibility to Architects"

Design & Delivery
Design & Delivery


Our architects and engineers work together with other disciplines to deliver an integrated offering right from site suitability to floor layouts, structural integrity and fire protection, internal fixtures and finishes.

Our Architects and BIM professionals have a strong background in managing BIM (Building Information Modeling). We use advanced Structural analysis softwares such as SPACE GASS which allows us to provide a Structural guarantee for 50 years. All our calculations and analysis are verified and attested by our Registered Professional Engineers.

Our Quantity survey and Procurement team source compliant materials based on the project requirements which is further certified by a NATA accredited third party laboratory.



At ARBT we have a team of qualified Quality inspectors and project engineers to monitor each and every process and sequence. This is further verified and attested by our In-house Third party auditor.

As part of our delivery, every module that is despatched from our factory will carry a document comprising of a complete history of all materials used along with their test certificates, chain of custody, method of work and their approval from Consultants and third party inspectors. All photographic evidences are catalogued for each and every process right from DPT testing of welds, WQT of each welding robot, material test certificates, DFT for the paints used etc, down to the screws that are used within the module. This allows us to provide a fully quality tested product for international standards.

At ARBT we are committed to maintain a culture where ethics, integrity, and compliance are paramount considerations in all of our decisions.

Our Approach

Our Approach

At ARBT we understand that each project is different with its own challenges and possibilities.

We work from a grass root level with our clients to understand their requirements, calculate the risks and opportunities and deliver a product beyond their expectation. We enter the building process during the design stage most times while occasionally we also work around existing approvals to maintain the shape and form envisaged by the Architect and the Developer.

We offer customized solutions to Developers and land owners to suit their requirement.