Our Technology

Faster, Cost-Effective Sustainable LIVING

The ARBT Building System is a state of the art structural system that integrates the core, shear walls, bathrooms and facade of a building into the structure which is then built ex-situ and in parallel with onsite works.

The building system comprises of multiple modules connected with each other with our patented interlocking system that provides structural stability upto 40 stories.

Each module comes with prefabricated floor and ceiling frames with Columns engineered and integrated within the module to provide maximum liveable space without compromising on the structural safety and stability when stacked one on top of the other.

"Our key goals in investing in the idea of modular technology was to address the issues of construction productivity and housing affordability as well as to find a more sustainable and environment friendly construction methodology"


Our Technology

With our technology we can span upto 4.5m per module without column interference and go upto 6m (The height and width of this module is largely dependant on the transportability of the same modules).

These modules provide maximum flexibility in design thereby offering architects limitless layout flexibility to design large floor spaces.

ARBT's building system is designed to work in tight spaces as well as difficult sites where conventional construction may fail. Our building system is designed to integrate with large lobbies and Building entrances, automatic car parking systems and multi-level basements, roof top infinity pools and entertainment which makes it an ideal solution for high rise condominiums, hotels, service apartments, student accommodation and more.

Our Building system is designed to be resistant to earthquakes and harsh weather.